The Personification of New York City

The oldest son of Harlem superintendents, Randy served as both a Paratrooper and as a Green Beret in Korea. His military accolades include three Bronze Stars and the prestigious Purple Heart.  His Army helmet is on display at West Point. 

As a detective, Randy worked the streets of Harlem for l6 years, during which time the murder of Police Officer Philip Cardillo became the catalyst for one of the largest scandals in the history of the NYPD.

 Randy has appeared in or produced over 50 films and television shows.  In his book 'Circle of Six', Randy lifts the curtain and sheds light on some of the darkest days of the NYPD.

"This is the Moby Dick of police stories... It makes me wish I was still producing movies."

-Phil D'Antoni, Academy Award Producer, The French Connection

"This fantastic book puts you right there in the teaming, riotous, Harlem streets, amidst the chaos, anger, fear, betrayal, violence and death. Every cop should read this. Every American should read it. You won't believe what they did."

-Ed Dee, Author of The Con Man's Daughter

"Randy Jurgensen's and Robert Cea's gripping account of the 1970s New York makes today's city streets seem quaint by comparison."

-Raymond W. Kelly, Former NYPD Police Commissioner

"Jurgensen is the genuine article. He stands among some of the best detectives in the NYPD. The Mosque case of 1972 is one of the most famous cases in NYPD history and Circle of Six holds no punches."

-Joe 'Donnie Brasco' Pistone, FBI Agent

"Circle of Six takes us back to a time of despair in New York City that we would all like to forget but cannot because we have to understand the mistakes of that time so we don't repeat them again."

-William J. Bratton, NYPD Police Commissioner